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General Services

Electric, Plumbing, Drywall, Demolition, Painting, Carpentry.

Screwdrivers, lightbubs, tape, wires and cables and a tape measure

Electrical work

Electrical and wiring components for ceiling fans, light switches, dimmers, and everything for household lighting fixtures and features.


Our plumbing services include faucet repair, toilet replacement, pipe insulation, leaky pipes, etc.

Plumber fixing  pipe with an adjustable wrench. And they are wearing white gloves.
New construction of light color drywall plasterboard in the interior of a room.


If you are applying the final details in a redesign project or patching it up, count on us for repair, installation, paint and mount.


Our carpentry experience and high-quality craftsmanship are top of the trade. Our carpenters will tailor to suit your floors, staircases, cabinets, hanging doors, and framing rooms. We will install and replace trims, moulding, and other finish work as needed. Giving you the finest property care.

Close up of workplace for professional carpenter with a hammer, a measuring tape and a yellow helmet on top of wooden planks.
Safety tools for painting work.


Indoor or outdoor paint job with the best painting material and perfect finishes gives an excellent look to your spaces.


Perfect for redesigning or fixture any kind of project.

Demilition site, broken debri with smashed drywall and broken bricks on the floor. A rusted sledgehammer lies in the middle.
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